Maureen Howles Fine Art

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Artist Statement

My inspiration springs from the natural world. The shapes, forms and colors of

land and sky internalize and are brought forward into a new representation on

canvas or paper. Influenced by both the poetic and calligraphic qualities inherent

in Asian art, many of my pieces tend to be quiet reflections of the external world.

I approach landscapes primarily with a subdued palette as this provides a

concentrated natural coloration. Oil, monotype, watercolor, collage, mixed media,

and both digital and traditional photography are the mediums that I employ to

produce images varying in style from subjective naturalism to the abstract and the


As a multidisciplinary artist, the ability to work in a variety of mediums enables

me to select a process that I feel will be most effective in expressing a personal

experience as it relates to either a specific place or to an internal concept.